Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friday Hike

The day after Thanksgiving, Griffin got bored and suggested that we go on a hike! I googled hike in Sierra Madre and came up with the place! It turned out great. All that wanted to participate were me, Griffin and Dad. We had a better time that we anticipated. I'm so artsy

on the path!

Griffin liked the SPILT rock
We came upon this huge opening with a FABULOUS swing.
Griffin got to enjoy it to his heart's content.
There was glee and delight.

Griffin took this picture of dad on the swing

Griffin took this picture of me. I had no idea!
This would be a GREAT place for a family picture!

choice 2 for a family pic
An odd bug...can you spot it?

Griffin took this picture of us. He said he got close!
On the path

Which way to go??
We chose long and steep
but beautiful views!
that's LA!
Do you see the 210 freeway?
More of LA

Here is that beautiful clearing with the swing

I saw this tree; thought it would be funny/fun if Griffin would get up there on the limb and we could take his picture! He disagreed! I tried to force him; Kerry quickly grabbed the camera and took the picture. It was funny.
It was a great way to spend an hour and a half. I will definitely do it again!

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Nana said...

Next time, I will hike with you.