Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Your Birthday!!

Happy 27th!!
Here's a few pictures to remind you of what you once were....and a little of how you became you! This is CANDICE and Bethany!! Well, and you too.

Just born!!

That's the first baby blanket I made...and I still have it.

hmmm, what are you doing here?? Probably teaching me how to use the computer!

6 years old

Chase...8 months, Steven...4 yrs....Cj....6 years

Now, you are at the controls!

Quinn, just born....1995

Family picture...before Quinn was born...1994
High School Soccer

I love you Christopher!!
Have a FABULOUS day!!

Now, enjoy this singing from Kylie and Griffin!!


Heather said...

"Cha-cha-chocolate!" Griffin sure does know what's what. Man after my own hear :)

Happy birthday! You were a darling little boy! Loved all the photos.

Christopher said...

Thanks, great pictures Mom! I loved how Griffin was singing while watching tv.

Heather said...


Chase said...

I havent seen a lot of those pictures...that was fun to look through. Good work Mom!