Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween 2010

Enjoy the pictures of Halloween - 2010 We did Kylie's hair wild and big and curly!
Watch it transform....

Our Ward did a Trunk or Treat on Saturday night
We decorated our car...fancy

Some people went way out with their cars!

We had Dorothy, the scarecrow and the wicked witch of the west!
They are Mary & Terry Harmon's grandchildren.

Ooo....a gangsta!
We also had the In n Out truck...the line was an hour, that is what is winding around back behind Kylie!

Lydia the Hippie and Shauna Miller is Alice in Wonderland and Mike is the Mad Hatter

Here's Mary Harmon and a guillotine

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it. We did.

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Sharron said...

The Ward Party looked fun. Did anyone have an In-N-Out burger for us?! =)