Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 from 1984

I made this pumpkin costume in 1984. I see we still have it in our costume box in 2010. I believe that only Christopher ever wore it...the timing and size never worked out for anyone else.

Here is Christopher wearing that sweet, little costume!

And here is Christopher now, in 2010, getting his Master's Degree.

**Editor's Note on this Post:

Because I was going through old photos because of yesterday's "7 babies" post, I came across Christopher in his first Halloween costume! I had to scan that in. Then I remembered I had taken a picture of that costume his Halloween and knew I could do a post about those 2 pictures. I put up Christopher in his costume and search the computer over trying to find the picture I just took this Halloween and could NOT find it! I just saved the post and left the computer. While sleeping, I remembered where that picture was! Hooray! Then at the end of the post, I decided to put a current picture of Christopher. So, I started looking in August when he would have left for school...oh, yea, he is done with school, no leaving for school pictures. When was he home last?? It was hard to find a picture of just Christopher's face. Ok, be warned people, I am out hunting all my children with my camera. I will be snapping pictures like crazy! I need more of YOUR face.

**If the spacing is wrong, I give up....just enjoy whatever it is you see!

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