Monday, March 16, 2009

Who Could Be a Bigger Baby?

Jay Cutler is the Biggest Baby ever, This was one of the headlines for

Cutler a no-show to McDaniels' first team meeting

it also said in the article that he demanded to be traded away, and this all started because the head coach (McDaniels) thought about trading him away

Yesterday the two also met in a face to face meeting and nothing was resolved


Christopher said...

I disagree, I'd be mad too. Cutler had no idea he was in the running to be traded until his coach tried to trade him for another quarterback. Then when Cutler asked the coach about it, the coach lied. Then when he had a face to face meeting with the coach, the coach showed no remorse.

I think I'd want to be traded too.

Quinn said...

A player should always be ready to be traded, no matter how good he is. and their new head coach was the old QB coach for the player they were trying to get. but i agree that the coach shouldn't have lied to him