Thursday, March 26, 2009


Remember how I got my first "B" grade last semester since I was a sophomore in high school? Well I got an email from the dean of the accounting department today, and he changed my grade!!! Its taken about 4 months, and I pretty much quit caring about it, but today that dirty little B+ got changed into an A-.

Its too bad that since I thought I blew my flawless record already that I haven't put in quite the same amount of effort and will probably get a real B+ this semester...


Julie/mom said...

Steven! Good for you and your tyranny to get your grade changed! Now, let's hope this semester will not REALLY ruin you.

Elizabeth said...

That's funny that you were so bugged over a B+. Congrats.

Nana said...

1.Never let down on your goals
2. Never give up
3. Never tell a lie

I Love you, Nana
p.s. Who's Elizabeth?