Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Griffin is growing, and I can't seem to find pants that fit him well. So, this morning I went out "shopping" in our own boxes. I found many pants, some of which I HOPE fit him. Most of them had initials on the tag....cj and stc.
What a saver I am.
(for those of you a little lost on this....that is 20 years of saving. It has paid off.)
The graphic is NOT a real photo, but a drawing. I did it myself. I did it with Paint.net....just so you know. You many use the likeness. You have my permission.


Steven said...

Most of them had both of our initials, or one or the other?

Quinn said...

One or the other. I didn't want to draw 2 pair of pants...I used artistic license.

written by MOM...apparently the computer automatically logs in as Quinn!