Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Monday in March, but my goodness there is some FUNNY stuff here!

Plastic Bottles: today, Zachary's backpack and sports duffel was like a clown car for plastic bottles! He brought home 10 - TEN plastic bottles for recycling. I gave him his .50 for his trouble and he very well may buy himself a cookie at school tomorrow. Very worth it!

Softball: Kylie won her softball game today - 11 to 10. A couple of girls on the opposing team were in tears. I always feel sorry for those crying children - you just don't need to cry.

Fence climbing: Kylie plays tennis at a field with tennis courts right off to the side. The outside fence is VERY tall, I can't even estimate it's height. I was working the snack shack today, but was outside getting some fresh air when I looked over at the high fence and saw a little boy, around 6 or 7 years old, straddling the top of the fence. His eyes were like saucers. Obviously, he had not thought through his whole idea of getting onto those courts. I encouraged him to hold on tight and keep climbing down and cram his toes in the holes. Happily, he got down nice and safe. It made me sick! Later, Griffin told me that he also got his head stuck in a fence whole. He got it out eventually.

Call Me Doctor!: Zak's biology teacher, in High School, is from a foreign country. Zak is not sure of the accent. She does have her doctorate, so expects the students to call her doctor. One day she taught a hard lesson. Some kids got it and some kids did not. Even Zak did not understand. Finally after a lot of questions, she said no more questions right now, just keep taking notes. I realize it is a hard lesson. Some of you are getting it and some of you are don't. (That is NOT my grammar mistake.)

Chase's Birthday: I sent Chase off his birthday package today! I sent his favorite cookies. I hope they are good by the time he gets them. I also made him a fabulous card with fortunes on the candles. You know I can make some pretty good fortunes! You may all send him a card too:
Elder Chase Barton Cole
Houston South Mission
4627 Austin Parkway
Sugar Land, TX 77479

He will be 20 on April 5th!
I also found Kylie some great books at the library today. I will continue to encourage her to make a post on the book blog about the new series of books she is reading. She LOVES them!
I got Griffin: Hop on Pop, he was VERY pleased.
EEK! 24 has started without me!!

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