Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday - Different

Today we had church at 1:00.

The ward that we share our building with, (Pasadena Ward), wanted to have their Stake conference in our building at 10:00. So, that left us to have church at 1:00.

It was rather nice! Everyone got to sleep in to their heart's content. There was no hurry, hurry, get to church in time. It was nice to spend a morning with ease. I did have to do a ward conference at 11:00, Dad had a bishopric meeting at 11:30. I came home at 12:15, told Kylie and Griffin to hurry and get ready. I fixed Z & Q's hair - it looked SO nice, then we went to church.

It was our Seminary's turn to be in charge of sacrament meeting, so all the seminary kids spoke. They did VERY well! It was a nice meeting.

Brandon Bodkin started us off by telling the overview of seminary. He was quite entertaining and with a dry humor. I did enjoy his thoughts and the things he told. He seems to enjoy seminary, even though he comes 15 - 20 minutes late every day. He was very complementary to the Cards (our seminary teachers).

Zak spoke about the use of parables. He gave a good talk, said that life was not meant to be easy, but that we had to work for our knowledge....well, in a manner of speaking. He talked a bit about the "Good Samaritan".

Haram Park also spoke. He talked about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. He told things that he didn't know, I enjoyed what he said. I cannot repeat them because I can't really remember, but I did ask Zak to get a copy of his talk, which he did. He did tell about writing an "in class essay", then forgetting and putting it in his backpack so he didn't turn it in and he is very worried it will hurt his grades. He also told that he has the worst English Teacher. Afterward, I asked Sis. Swift if she was glad that she was NOT Haram's teacher. She laughed and said yes, but that she was going to find out who his teacher was.

The seminary also sang....well, I think they sang even though I could hardly hear them! I KNOW those kids (boys) can sing, but they would hardly let any sound out! I wanted to stand up and say, "Now let's start again, and let me REALLY hear you". I didn't. I told Zak later that that could have been his pre-chantuer's try-out. He should have really belted it out! People would have loved it.

During the time of primary, for about 40 minutes I have nothing to do, all the kids are in their classes. I came home, emptied and filled the dishwasher, cleaned a couple of pans so that when we came home from church we could quickly and efficiently eat our dinner of spaghetti. It was very good. I was pleased with my use of time.

Well, that was just today. I know the upcoming week will be a busy one. I am not willing to look at the calendar to see what is in store for me yet. I will later.

I am doing Candice's hair tomorrow. We'll take pictures.

Sorry, no pictures for this post. We aren't allowed to do that in church.


Nana said...

Why? For when she has baby Wolfe?

Julie/mom said...

Mom, is your WHY about my doing CMP's hair?

The why is because she needed 2 colors and a cut. Her hair looks great!