Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mother Busy

These days are filled with:
getting children up and ready for school
volunteering at school - we glazed clay pots today I should have taken a picture of that, but there was no time!
what's for dinner??
prepare dinner
drive children around town
collect and recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans

So, I don't feel like there is much to blog about. I did take a few pictures in the last 48 hours, so I will share those.

I did do (read: color, wash, color, wash, cut) Candice's hair. It turned out beautiful. It also seems that I only took pictures of what I cut off her head, not what was left. Just remember all the hair I cut off of Z & Q - now see what I cut off of Candice:

Kylie is in her elementary school talent show. She is performing a dance with other friends. That is Anna in the far left, then Lydia, then Kylie. Sadly, my photography skills were not up to par, here is the best:

This was just the dress rehearsal. The show goes on on Friday.
In between now and then there is track, softball, tennis, lots more cooking, cleaning and driving.
I'll see you round the bend!

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Nana said...

Good Luck to Kylie on her dance at the talent show. She is getting tall and sooo beautiful.