Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Dermatologist from Harvard

I took Quinn to the Dermatologist today. It was an interesting visit. I'll start from the beginning.

I was hoping we were going to the same Dermo that I took Chase and the other boys to. The name on my authorization was not familiar, but the address was. We got to the office, I supposed that I had just forgotten the name of the doctor. We walked into the foyer and looked at the list of doctors trying to see what suite we had to go to. We did not see Dr. C's name on the board. A nice woman walked passed us and asked if she could help. She explained that the doctor we had been seeing, Dr. Schwartz, had died about 2 months ago!! Apparently, he had a heart attack on the day of his daughter's wedding! He was not an old man. Very sad. She said this other doctor bought his practice, but that they had moved to another office; the address would be on the door of the old office. Wow!

We finally got to the right office, filled out the forms, was shown into a room. I took this video:

We waited in the swanky office and could HEAR everything going on in the other room. We decided that when it was our turn we would try and talk quietly.

The doctor finally arrived, we only got a few sentences in. The Doctor C really likes to talk and talk. Here was one exchange:

Doctor: Do you see this tie? Do you know where I went to school?

me: I am thinking, I see your tie, no, I don't know where you went to school. My face was obviously filled with unknowing because he quickly went on:

Doctor: I went to Harvard!

me: oh, apparently the tie had some Harvard symbol on it. I don't know the Harvard symbol. Now, if the tie had the BYU logo, I would know that.

Doctor: I do things right.

I don't think he was too impressed with the old Dr. Schwartz's practices. Anyway, when he seemed to say all that he had to, he quickly hopped up and was out the door. Our turn was over.

Whatever. I think we will get what we want. All will turn out great.


Candice said...

Great story. Julie, you have great "voice" in your stories. I can totally hear you talking. That is a skill we try and teach in school. Good Job!

Nana said...

Mmm, sounds particularly like a Harvard Man. Quinn should have said, "I'm going there, as well." Anyway, interesting story!!

Nana said...

I just looked at your clever video of Quinn. He was very animated!!