Monday, March 2, 2009


I figured it was about time for an update. The last two weeks have been REALLY busy, but I've gotten through all my midterms so now things are much better. Last Wednesday, my friend Heather was able to get free passes to Sundance through her brother-in-law, so I went to an earlier section of my Systems Audit class to be able to have the afternoon off. I had a great time, but I had a pretty hard face-plant. I was looking for a certain run off to the side and my board plowed into a little mound of snow. If it was powdery snow it would have been just fine, but it was wet, heavy snow that stopped me immediately. I basically did a front hand spring with my face instead of my hands. I was dazed, but I felt just fine. Heather came up and said I had a cut on my face, but I thought it must have just been something tiny, no big deal. When we got back to the car I had a big bloody gash between my eyes and by my nose.

The next day I went to this fancy etiquette dinner with my friend Liz, she had to write a paper about it or something. She had bought a new suit and was really excited so we took some pictures that night also. Liz's roomate Julie photoshopped my face very well, but since I know mom loves pictures of her children's injuries, I had her send me an unedited one. (you'll need to zoom in. It looked a lot worse on wednesday before it scabbed over)

Edited:Elizabeth also thought it would be really funny to take a fake engagement picture and then change her relationship status on facebook so everyone would think she was engaged. I told her that is just something girls do to try and get attention, but she really wanted to, so here was the result.


Julie/mom said...

That was some very good photoshopping there!

What an awful ski happening. If you were a girl, I am sure you would have cried. Glad you were able to have a good time anyway.

How was the food at dinner?

Steven said...

It was good. Soup, salad,a lime PALATE CLEANSER, chicken something, chocolate cake. I've never had a palate cleanser in the middle of dinner. pallat

Nana said...

She's cute!

Elizabeth said...

She is cute, isn't she? Thank you Nana.

And would you believe, I spent two hours on Friday at work starting that Ettiquete lesson plan only to have my supervisor on Monday tell me to skip it because they already have a "Dress for Success" class. Lame. I'm sure it's not even the same thing because there is a lot more to it than how you dress!