Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mish Mash

1. You may now add COBBLER to my list of talents!

This morning one of the straps on Griffin's shoe came all the way off! I tried to sew it back on with my sewing machine, but I could not get the shoe in the right slot. So, I sewed it back on by hand with a hard needle, upholstery thread and pliers. It worked great.

2. Kylie had a great softball game yesterday (no pictures, so quit looking). She is a great slider! I think she slides home most every time. I always hear the other crowd members comments on her great sliding ability. Be proud you know her!

3. Motorcycle cops: their main purpose is to find those who are making a driving infraction and give them a ticket, so watch out! No, I did not get a ticket, but I did question 2 nice police officers.

4. I encourage you all to go out and buy this month's copy (April) of Family Circle magazine. It has many really great sounding recipes!
Here are a few dishes:

  • sausage, broccoli & noodles
  • bowties with tuna
  • spaghetti with spinach
  • cellentani with ham & greens
  • gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce
  • egg drop soup with chicken & noodles

There are many more fabulous dessert recipes too!

Tonight for dinner we are trying the spaghetti with spinach! Yum.


Quinn said...


Nana said...

I'm glad you found two nice ones. I've heard and seen so many bad reports about policemen, lately. I actually wonder if there are two good ones left. And why were you talking to them? Did they come to see Kylie slide into home base? She must be fabulous! I will get the magazine. I need some fresh recipes.

Nana said...

One more thing I want to say to my darling Amazon Woman child!! Of course we'll add Cobler to your 'can do'list!! There is nothing a man can do that you can't do better!!