Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Torture Device

Here it is:

That is Zak's mouth. Apparently, his mouth is in the shape of a "V"; it should be more like a "U". This device will spread it out and make more room for all that belongs in there.

Notice the little, teeny, tiny hole in the middle there. I have to put this "key" in that hole and rotate the hole back toward his throat. I do that twice a day. The first few days it was easy. It is getting harder to ratchet that thing back.

We have done it for one week. Maybe only one more week to go.

More stories and pictures tomorrow!

Shredded beef tacos again tonight. Yum.

Eagles on TV; Vick is playing.

1 comment:

Nana said...

Good Grief!! How did you get that picture. Reminds me of a rhinerocerous! It seems now, that every child has to have one of those apparatus's put into the childrens's mouths before they can start the braces. I'm beginning to think it is a gimmick for the dentists to make more money. Think about it - I'm sure their mouths will go right back to the way they have always been for 15 or so years. But the dentist will have one more payment to put onto his mercedes!