Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fires in The Area

This picture was taken at the stop sign right by our house. The big "cloud" there doesn't look so bad in the picture (taken with my cell phone), but it is grey with flecks of yellow/red in it from the huge fire.

We hear/see helicopters all the time doing their duty to help put out the fire. I believe it is 10 days old now. Our cars are filled with soot. Oh, I think I have some pictures of that too!
Here is the roof of Chase's car. That is ALL soot from the fire. See the big white flakes? That is what we breath in!! No recess or outside practices for the kids at school. In fact, I heard that the cross country team gets on a bus; is driven about 1 hour away; they run, do their training; then return back to the smokey, unhealthy air.
The AHS varsity football team had to play their opening game against Monrovia in the city of Fullerton. AHS lost.
Ok, here is just our walkway. More soot. It looks way worse in real life. In Burbank, it is not so bad. Candice was amazed at the difference. I did have to point it out to her.
I took "first day of school" pictures. This was the sky that morning! That is the sun! It did not really look that dark. It was very grey. The sun was very red/orange because of the smoke, fire, etc.
The sky today looks MUCH better. We see some blue spots. I have not smelled smoke today either.

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Nana said...

I love all the pictures! I can't believe that dark red sun is the morning!! It's always fun to read your blog. Glad you got back to it.