Friday, September 11, 2009

Friendly Wagers

Before the rest of the week 1 games get played I want to make a few wagers on the football season. For all my bets I would be willing to put up anywhere between 1-5 points (you choose).

I would bet anyone that Steven (Action) Jackson gets at-least one carry in at-least 15 regular season games this year. I would bet with as many people that are willing.

I would bet anyone that Steven Jackson gets more fantasy points in the season than their favorite team's #1 running back. (if Dad and Quinn don't take this they are pansies)

I'll bet Christopher that the Rams get more wins than the Raiders

I'll bet Quinn that the Bears don't win their division

I'll bet quinn that Donnie Avery gets more fantasy points than Devin Hester
I'll also bet Dad that Donnie Avery gets more points and Desean (InAction) Jackson

I'll bet Steven that Peyton Manning doesn't win MVP this year

I'll bet Mom that the Patriots don't make it to the Superbowl

thats a total of 8 bets, I expect at least 6 of them have at least 1 taker. (I realize the last 2 bets are kinda weak)


Zak said...

I already made a bet against quinn today that Aaron Rodgers will get over 14 points against the bears this Sunday.

Steven said...

I accept the bet that Steven (Injury Prone) Jackson will get at least one carry in 15 games. (I am wagering that he will NOT do this).

Wager: 7 points

Zak's wager about Peyton Manning is very weak. You made enough legit bets though to make up for it.

If the Colts are going to play your team at any time during the season, I will bet 7 points that we'll beat you. (Rams, Patriots)

I'll also make a bet that my fantasy team will beat your fantasy team whenever we play each other. This wager is for 3 points (each game) and must be accepted by Sunday Sept. 13 at 9:00 AM. That includes this week's game (Dad).

kcolek said...

I accept Steven's wager FOR SURE. 3 Points for FF victory this week.

I accept the following Zachary wagers:
1) Steven Action Jackson will get carries in fewer than 15 games. 5 Points.

2)Brian Westbrook will get more fantasy points in the season than Steven Inaction Jackson. 5 Points.

3)Desean Jackson will get more points than Donnie Avery for the season. 5 Points. (Landslide victory here, no contest.)

BONUS FOR THIS WEEK'S GAMES if you dare to accept: Westbrook gains more FF points than Jackson. 5 Points.
Easy victories for me. Like taking candy from a baby.

Christopher said...

I accept:

1) Steven (Injured) Jackson will get carries in fewer than 15 games. 5 points

2) Adrian Peterson will get more points than Steven Jackson. 5 points (I would feel guilty taking more. And I'm not sure if Adrian Peterson counts as my favorite - he just happens to be on my team).

3) The Rams will get LESS wins than the Raiders. 7 points.

Zak said...

Steven, if we want to bet that our FF team will beat yours why do we have to do it by this Sunday? why can't we just do it before the week that the teams actually play?

Zak said...
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Zak said...

Ok, these are the bets I have down:

vs quinn Aaron Rodgers gets (over-under) 14------1 points

vs Steven SJax gets a carry in 15 games----------7 points

vs dad SJax gets a carry in 15 games----------5 points

vs dad SJax does better than BW--------------5 points

vs dad Donnie Avery get more than Desean Jackson--5 points

vs dad SJax vs BW in week 1----------5 points

vs CJ SJax get a carry in 15 games-----------5 points

vs CJ Rams get more wins than the Raiders---------7 points

I didn't take Christopher's AP vs SJax bet because the Vikings are not christopher's team.
also I don't want to take Stevens Rams vs Colts and Fatal Mongoose vs Obese Walrus bets so many weeks in advance
I think it is funny that both Christopher and Steven think 7 is between 1-5, but it's really just bonus points to me anyway

Zak said...

quinn accepted my SJax vs Matt Forte bet (only 1 point)and the bet where SJax gets injured (also 1 point)

Mom accepted my Patriots not going to the superbowl bet (3 points) and that SJax will get injured (2 points)