Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Steven pointed out that it has been ONE MONTH since anyone has posted!

So it's an anniversary of sorts for us!

I will catch you up with pictures as I have the time.

Today I will tell you the "walk to school" story:

I figure Kylie and Griffin can walk to school; it is not far. Griffin does NOT enjoy the walk. He is so slow, he is almost walking backward. I continue to prod him along; to ask him questions; to get him talking about other things than what we are doing. About one block down the street he starts to complain of a stomach ache. I asked him if he had gone potty this morning.
me: "what!" you did NOT go potty?
G: no
me: really?
G: no, I didn't go potty
me: at all?
G: no
We walk, he holds his stomach. I told him he could go at school; I would wait by the bathroom door to make sure he felt better. We continue to walk at a world record slowest pace ever. We finally arrive at school, I take him to the nearest bathroom. He is VERY hesitate. He says he feels better; he doesn't have to go anymore. (What??) I try to encourage. He won't go. He seems very unsure to go potty in that bathroom where other big kids could be. I can understand that. I see a handicap bathroom, I suppose it is a one stall type of thing; I try the door. It is locked. I see Mrs. Bump who I know and ask her for help. She sweetly gives me the key to open the door. Griffin goes potty. He washes his hands; he feels better; I feel relieved. He stoically walks to his line-up area for his class.

I am hoping it goes better tomorrow.

NOW, I have a whole list of things to do!
I'll blog more later! Oh, I have some great stories: the Yosemite hike; Zak's torture device, Quinn's birthday, a new kitty...just to name a few.

Missed you!


Steven said...

Finally, the drought is over!

Is there a reason you cut Griffin's hair? I liked it longer.

Steven said...

Also, my first textbook came in the mail.

Bookstore: $189
Online: $32

Julie/mom said...

I like the short hair.
Griffin has asked that I not go quite so short next time. Ok.

Happy about your CHEAP book, Steven! Nice going.