Monday, September 7, 2009

The Backward Dinner

I have made some great dinners. I have made some awful tasting dinners. One memorable awful dinner: we tried the food, it was the worst, I had tried a new recipe, very yucky. Zak suggested we don't eat it, but go to Paco's instead. OK! It was fun and delicious. That suggestion has been tried many times, but never happened again. Yesterday's Sunday "dinner" (meaning what we eat when we come home from church, so really lunch, but...well, you'll see) turned into a backward dinner.

I had planned on making a tri-tip roast. They have been on sale all this week at Ralph's. I bought it, planned to put it in the crock pot by 7:00am Sunday morning. Um, I slept until 8:00! I quickly got up, put the roast in, got Kylie up to shower, oops, she already showered last night, then went over to wake up Z & was now 8:20. We should leave for church by 8:35! We all raced around and were beautiful and ready. Oh, except for Griffin's hair, didn't get "fixed", somethings got to give. We were walking out the door at 8:45 and the phone rang, it was Dawney. I told her we were late, did she have something quick. Kind of, she said, Bethany was in labor! How nice. I told her to Twitter and/or blog about it, I would check those things later!

We had church (I gave a full report to Chase in his letter). I dropped off my sweet children at home, I drove over to the Duarte building where I played the piano for the Spanish Branch for Primary. So interesting. Then I drove back home. I decided to throw caution to the wind and make a cake...they were on sale for .96 cents at Ralphs this week too. I quickly got the cake made, started on the mashed potatoes, thought I would just check the roast. It usually just forks up easily.

I tried the fork. Hmm. Then I got out a steak knife and gave it a good cut, it was no where near tender enough. I figured we needed another hour. I announced the new dinner time. Kerry began watching the recorded BYU vs. Oklahoma game. He enjoyed it so much the night before, I guess a reviewing was in order. I also watched as much as possible in between the checking and fixing dinner. About 45 minutes later, I thought I would try the roast again. That is when I saw the problem. I knew, because of my late start in the morning that I needed to cook the roast on HIGH. This is what I saw:

WHAT?? Where is the dial??

Yes, it was on LOW. That would never do. I turned it up to HIGH. I knew we had at least another hour or so to wait! People were hungry. Kerry asked about the cake, was it ready. Well, yes. Let's serve it up!! His idea. Ok. We started our backward dinner:

Then we had our fruit...watermelon a)balls and b)slices AND cantaloupe:
Then Dad got out the corn - only he ate this course early:
Happy to report, by then...I think it was about 4:45, the roast was done and we all sat down to finish off the meal...Roast, gravy and
Mashed potatoes: It was all very good; even eaten backward.
Now, if you are still wondering about Bethany's baby, check HERE.

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Nana said...

Your backward dinner looks really good. Last night for Labor Day I cooked for Bart's family and Dawney, mark, and Mo. I made Chicken enchiladas w/ gualcomole dip, Pico de gao, - Dad cut up watermelon and cantaloupe. It was good. The kids were fun - I enjoyed seeind Morgan. She is darling. Katy is tall and beautiful and has 16 yr olds chasing her. She was texting one last night. Adam took her phone and brought it to me saying, "Nana, what should we say?" I told him to tell the boy to get lost. Katy was too young. I wonder what will happen today when she sees him at school. Mat was definitely on a downer. His parents kept looking for him.