Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Think About Jesus or George Washington

During Sacrament meeting, Griffin had a very hard time "keeping it together" today. He was full of vim and vigor and wanted to use all the empty space on the long bench to practice doing the worm. Just imagine.

I tried to stop and contain him several times. It was like he was possessed.

During the actual passing of the sacrament I told him he needed to sit still and think about Jesus.

The conversation:

Griffin: why? I don't know what to think about!

me: think about all your blessings, everything that Heavenly Father has given you; Jesus created the whole world that we have, he created our bodies, he made up the plan for us to come to earth to get a body and then to return to live with him again.

Griffin: well, George Washington made rules into laws.


Steven said...

I'll have to try to think about George Washington a little more often

Emily said...

haha that is just too cute

Nana said...

Griffin should be at the comedy club!