Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heather Picks a Team

The following is an email that I received from Heather. I have placed it here for your enjoyment.

I have an announcement. I have buckled under the pressure of your family and have been researching NFL teams to determine which one is worthy of my patronage. After much deliberation, I came down to my finalists: the Chicago Bears and the Seattle Seahawks. From this point the winner was obvious: the Seattle Seahawks! (note: the Bears and Seahawks recently played each other, and they lost 19 to 25, but this is beside the point) While this season they have only averaged 19 points, I have faith that they can do better, especially with me rooting for them, for we all know that a little Mustard never hurt anything (don’t you dare contradict this).

You might be asking yourself right about now, “how in the world did Heather so intelligently choose the Seahawks?!” Well my dear, the answer is simple. Seeing as how I’ve been trying to learn from the best, I arbitrarily picked my team. I thought about Chicago and Seattle, and remembered how much I like Seattle, with their rainy days and famous fish market…compared to Chicago, who’s only claim to fame is pizza and a huge fire. Chicago ain’t got nuttin’ on this heart o mine. I also refuse to be labeled as a ‘bandwagoner’, so I had to make sure to support the Seahawks while they weren’t at the peak of their performance, so that my support when they begin to smash everyone else has been there through it all (they are currently 1-2…they beat the rams, I think that’s Quinn’s team, right? HA!) And thus you have the birth of my team.

I am now working on developing a relationship with Jim Mora, the head coach, so he and I can develop a winning strategy. I also plan on knowing more members of my team than you know for yours. I can currently name let it be written, so let it be done.


Julie/mom said...

Very funny!
Most enlightening!
For Heather's sake, I hope the Seahawks do well. I belive their quarterback has cracked ribs...oops.

Nana said...

Mmmm. . are you sure you want to do this, Heather? You just might be 'jumping the shark' on this one!

GBART said...

Well, you cracked me up!!!!
You'll fit in just fine!!