Monday, April 27, 2009

Where'd it Go??

My this day went fast!

I did get many little things done from "my list"
grocery shopped
made dinner; fettuccine with dry chicken (oops, too long in the crockpot)
made several phone calls
enjoyed Chase's letter
watched Zak high jump
walked around the track a couple of times
watched Griffin do T-ball
Took Griffin shopping for a new shirt! He REALLY wanted to do this!
collected many plastic bottles for recycling
I didn't prepare for my art lesson tomorrow!!
I did watch some of the Dodgers...they lost!
I did watch 24
Did some dishes
Enjoyed some Twitter
Petted that cat! He begged me.
Texted with Tatia
Enjoyed a shower
Now I will enjoy a spot of reading and let's hope some sleep!

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