Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Extra Cash

Are you looking for some extra cash?
Here are a few ways that I have used lately to make a bit:

I started to recycle all the plastic and aluminum bottles that I could find and I have found a lot. Each bottle is like picking up a nickle and I am happy to pick them up. In California when we buy a plastic or aluminum container, we have to pay 5 cents up front for the recycle value. I collect the containers and turn them in for that money. I collect them at my daughter's softball games and my son's track meets and from the containers we use at home. It's been great!

I have had several garage sales! They are a lot of work, but I have made over $100 at each sale. That's $100 more than I had before I started!

I have worked at the snack shack at my daughter's softball games. We sell a lot of sunflower seeds.

I "opened" an online store! My latest item is an apron. I love my apron. I wear it all the time, it protects my clothes and I just
don't feel right if I don't have it on while cooking or doing the dishes. You can check out the other items at my store here: handbagsandsuch.blogspot.com
(Thanks, Angie, for modeling for me!)

That's what works for me!

**UPDATE: Today I got $9.95 from my recycling!


Jerralea said...

Those are some good ideas. I love the picture of the apron. That totally covers the whole outfit, and it's cute with the ruffle.

Steven said...

199 bottles. Had a hard time getting that elusive number 200, huh?

Julie/mom said...

Very funny, Steven. I don't count the bottles, I just gather them and put them in "the slot". I did give the man a nickle so he could just give me a ten spot. I was happy.

Nana said...

Julie; post a sold sign in your "handbags" blog under your black toile bag - and the cute little blanket you gave to Teo, because you bought that one. that way, your blog is progressing and not stagnating. Love you

GBART said...

That is the best looking apron I have ever seen

How about designing one for men.

There are more of us in the kitchen that you might guess!


Julie/mom said...

That is a GREAT idea, Dad!