Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Half Filled Pool

After two days of sweltering 100 degree heat, we have the pool clean enough that we can now fill it up. Griffin had a GREAT time playing in it today while it was being filled with water....hose water, cold, cold water. Today the temperature was a very livable 81 degrees.

Griffin played in the pool for about 1 hour!

While Griffin swam, I cleaned up leaves, leaves and more leaves. I tried to take a picture of my very sweaty self...really, I was dripping sweat. I accidentally took a 2 second video...and sadly, you can't even see the glistening of my face:

After Kylie got home from school, she and Griffin went swimming again! Sorry, no pictures of that. Kylie then went to a softball game, she did well, but the team lost - you can't win them all. At 7:45 that night, after dinner, Kylie begged to go swimming again! I had to say no as it was time to shower, then go to bed!

Here is Kylie playing catcher....taken with my cell phone. The umpire had a hard time.

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