Friday, April 17, 2009

Pictures Are Always Fun, Even If They Are A Week Old

The Annual Cole Easter Egg Hunt:
The mad dash out of the boys room and beginning of the hunt! Hidden egg
Hidden in the NesQuick!
Kylie Checking her loot
Quinn taking a break and getting some gum
Zak searching for hidden eggs
We can see 2, maybe 3, but he can't
That's it for Easter.
Saturday we have 2 basketball games, one T-ball game, one Softball game, I have to work the snack shack, Dad is moving his work office so he has to go down to Ontario to over see.
Congrates to Christopher for taking his LAST FINAL EVER! He is still working on that thesis.
Zak is watching the Godfather movies in school. I enjoy his recaps.

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Nana said...

Glad you had some easter fun. I'll try to remember chocolate Quik can next time I'm hiding eggs.