Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3rd Day of Spring Break

Third day of spring break....we were going to clean some more in the morning.....

Instead I got a call from the dermatologist. The office does NOT leave me feeling very confident; yet I know eventually we will get the prescription we are after. I had to go out to their office to help them clear up some paper work.

Then to the grocery store. Tilapia, rice and corn for dinner. It was all gobbled up. Glad they like fish.

Out of the options I gave, they decided we should clean up the pool area. It looks pretty close to great. We got a lot done.

Then we (Kylie, Griffin and I) went on a famous car adventure. We were looking for a 15 year old pig that lives in Sierra Madre and a 2 acre Wisteria bush. We eventually found them both and felt glad at our persistence.

Zak spent 6 hours at "track" today. 4 1/2 of those were spent doing slave labor....or you could read "volunteering".

I talked to Candice about Oprah and the Biggest Loser. I enjoy discussing TV. Oh, yes, and baby Teo is doing well as is Candice and Gil and Tanner.

I must learn how to change the number of the pixels of my pictures from whatever they are to 700. Not sure how to do that. Got a clue?

Have any of you out there read the Edgar Sawtelle book?

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