Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Don't Have To Push A Handcart, Leave Your Family Dear....Or Maybe You Do

The Arcadia Stake YM/YW sent the kids on a Pioneer Trek...
I sang that song (the title of this post), (page 218 in the children's songbook), several times to Zak and Quinn. I thought it funny, I don't know how funny they thought it was.
Here they are dressed for the part.

They come home tonight, Saturday. Hopefully they will have lots of stories to share. The trek is taking place at the Riley's farm in Apple Valley, just one of the many services they offer.

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Nana said...

O my flibbertygibbet! And the Rileys' farm is supposed to make them think they are pushing handcarts over the plains?!! I hope they had a good time and I know there is no way they can empathize with their ancestors who had to do the real thing. Their two great great grandmas and great grandpa (who was about their age) are sitting up in heaven saying, "that is just pathetic!"