Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer - Day 6 Thur

I had to ask Kylie, "what did we do yesterday?" She has a brilliant memory, this is what she remembered:

We went around to several tennis courts after dinner, but all were filled, we just came home. I remember enjoying the driving because I had the A/C going full blast, blowing right on me. I felt cool and comfortable.

So, sadly, no tennis OFA.

Because I ran several important errands, then busied myself with other household duties, sadly, Griffin watched TV a lot of the day...oops.

Our Dryer broke. We are now using a clothes line! It dried a big load of laundry faster than I thought yesterday. Today, I will time it...Its been 15 minutes so far.

We had yummy sloppy joes for dinner.

We watched the Dodgers win yesterday. Dad said he heard that "they" are sending Manny down to Rancho Cucamonga, a Minor League team, just to get his groove on. That is very close to where Dad works.

Steven only has one more day with........


Christopher is at LAKE POWELL! Fun for him!
**Editor's comment: the spacing may be weird. I have tried to fix it several times. I have accidentally erased pictures several times. Can't bear it anymore. We WILL like it the way it is!


Nana said...

Does Steven work for French Mustard? And how fun for C to be in LP.

GBART said...

I am so grateful for all those who spend so much of their time to keep us all informed and to entertain us.

Love you all