Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tales With Pictures...No Tails

Note from poster (not impostor): I had this idea for a catch-up (not ketchup) post, I got the pictures in ALL wrong; just enjoy them in whatever order you see them; then make a comment (not a comet).
Coming home in 1 1/2 weeks Still working on his Master's - diligently, right?
Not sure when he will come, but he WILL come

Where I am NOW getting my entertainment from:

Who I have fired for being WAY too expensive! I showed them!

Went to the beach in Oceanside with cousins! Enjoy that front tooth because you won't see it for much longer.

Daniel, Tanner, Kylie, Jenna, Griffin, Sophie at the beach

Building sandcastles at the beach

I really wanted a Lakers T-shirt; thought I could easily make one....3 hours later, here is my first effort. It was not easy, happily Griffin LOVES it! Makes me happy too.
Oh, and I have done laundry....of course; but not folded.

Lost that front tooth! His adult tooth is already coming in!
Sophie, Griffin, Jenna, Kylie at the Beach
Had fun with cousins; had some good meals and some not so good meals; had thunder, lightening and rain; finishing school; doing stuff.

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Nana said...

How did you get "LAKERS" WRITTEN ON THE BIG T-Shirt? A really cute picture, by the way. Thanks for all the pictures. And is Christopher (I'm going to call him "topher")the king?