Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Flying By!

Can't believe it is TUESDAY already!

On Monday we played tennis yesterday after dinner. Fun! Very Sweaty!
Steven got to go to the Dodger game!

The rest of us watched it on the TV.

Still need to get the boys to clean up their PIONEER stuff!

Candice brought Tigger over so we could watch him for 2 weeks. Griffin is pleased. The cat is not.

Kylie, Griffin and Tanner went swimming on Monday.

Kylie - tennis lessons...she got 15 points!

Griffin - swimming

TODAY: (Tuesday)

Kylie - achievement days - she made a beautiful flower arrangement, went swimming and ate a hot dog!

Griffin - swimming lessons; his favorite stroke is Monkey/Airplane/Rocket

Steven - got to go to work at 9:00!

Christopher - went out to lunch with a "friend"

Oh, here is a picture of Q, Z & G doing one of the things they do best!

And here is a picture of ONE of the things I do best:

Now I've got to go and do other stuff!!

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Nana said...

I feel like Kylie's flower arrangement, I want to do exactly what Quinn, Zak, and Griffin are doing but, must get to work. Buttons to sew on Soph's sweater, washing to get done for Teo, dishes to do so everyone can have their breakfast, and help sophie, Jenna, and Tanner make choc chip cookies. I'm sure they would have more fun if Julie were helping them or, better yet, Kerry!