Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer - Day 5

Apparently, a new grocery store opened up in Monrovia on this day. It's called Henry's. A friend, Tammy Harvey, invited me to go to the "event" with her. We were hoping to be one of the 1st 200 people there so we could get a free bag of groceries. No free groceries, but I did buy a few good groceries. It was a fun morning.
  • Our BIG event, which I am counting as our OFA was dinner with the Harmon's at Tokyo Waco!! It was very delicious and fun. Sis. Harmon is Kylie's primary teacher. She wanted to take our whole family out for dinner! They love Tokyo Waco (who wouldn't), so we went there. They took Kylie's picture for her birthday celebration. It was all fun and we enjoyed visiting with the Harmon's! THANK YOU!
  • Kylie went swimming over at the Jensen's. Griffin played with a friend, Cole (!). Z & Q played computer games and I am sure Zak gleaned all the info he could about sports on the computer.
  • Dad was an expert witness in court! It took all day, but he said he enjoyed it. He may be called in another case to give his expertise again!

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Nana said...

Who did Kerry have to go to court for? Dinner w Kylie's pri teacher and family sounded delicious. I took Kylie's pic from the blog. She looked so pretty or i guess I should say "cool".