Thursday, May 15, 2008

Because I was asked

I used pork ribs -
Peel off the membrane on the back of the rack.
Salt, pepper, Lawry's, and a "no salt" season. My friend likes them spicy, so she puts jalapeno peppers on the ribs also. Wrap the rack in foil.
I put the foiled racks on a cookie sheet. 2 racks fit on one cookie sheet. I cooked 4 racks in total.
That's it!!
375 for 30 minutes
325 for 30 minutes
250 for 5 hours
Eat with BBQ sauce if you like.
The meat fell off the bone. Very delicious.


Emily said...

Thanks Julie, I have been craving ribs since your first post.


Steven said...

Just made the ribs today, they were incredible.