Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Ye Of Little Faith....

Sometimes answers don't come immediately, sometimes they take two years!
August of 2006, Christopher was home from his mission. Steven just got home. We took the trip up to Utah and Idaho. My curiosity could no longer be contained about that little, basement house we always pass in Smithfield.
I wrote them a letter. Groans were heard from far and near.
Well, in the mail today, I got a RESPONSE!!
The daughter (c) of the lady that owns the house, nicely wrote me back. Her mother (b) never lived in the house, but her sister (a) did. That sister (a) is dead now, that property was inherited by the sister (b). The daughter (c) of the sister lives here in Encinitas CA, she was recently up visiting her mother (b). C was cleaning up, found the letter and told her mother (b) she would write me back. The mother (b) was glad the daughter (c) did.
Vindication for me!
She also sent me 2 family pictures too! She told me the whole history which I found amazing and she encouraged me to write her back!
See, you CAN make new friends!
I know no one cares as much as I do.


Christopher said...

Did you actually stop and get the address? I don't remember this ever happening, but I can't believe you actually got a reply after 2 years. And that the letter still existed somewhere.

Julie/mom said...

Yes, I paid attention while driving, thought I had the address, was not sure. I guess I did have it!! They obviously kept my letter because they liked it!