Monday, May 12, 2008

2 Weeks Left in Virtual Stock Exchange Contest

The Cole Family Investment Competition ends on May 26. Make your last second genius buys (especially Christopher who is the southernmost dog pulling on a northbound dog sled. How's that view workin' for you?)
Zachary is in the lead with Kylie close behind. They are the only two who are currently profitable. (It's been a tough market during the time of our competition!)

Zak $116,879 +16.88%
Kylie 113,478
Dad 94,850
Chase 94,300
Mom 87,968
Steven 87,420
Quinn 86,168
Christopher 79,132

Kylie could overtake Zak. Chase could overtake Dad. Steven and/or Quinn could overtake Mom.
Christopher . . . well . . . Christopher's ahead in real life earnings power at the moment.

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