Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day

Dad: (and Kylie) went to a Daddy Daughter event that the stake put on. It was a Western theme, they did square dancing directed by Candice. Dad did his usual work on having a open house, and he fixed sprinklers, then washed his car!

Mom: did the Daddy Daughter event, glad it turned out so good. Watched Kylie pitch her whole softball game, came home and napped, then grocery shopped. Hopefully I will end the evening with a movie....Dan in Real Life.

Chase: worked with Mike Miller today. Helped him clean out apartments. Mike then took him to Chili's for lunch. Chase quite enjoyed it.

Zak: played games all day.

Quinn: played games with Zak all day and finally emptied the dishwasher and the house trash. Thank you VERY much!

Kylie: See Dad. See Mom. Kylie did GREAT in her game. She is fun to watch. She also made the all star team.

Griffin: played, played, played. Went to Kylie's softball game. Took a bath. Poured too much water on the bathroom floor. (Mom is ignoring it.)

I guess I have stopped taking pictures...hmm

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