Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tree Update & Some Discussion

The next day after the whole TREE situation I heard lots of noise coming from over by the "trees". I took a picture. See that little, tiny yellow guy in the tree? I am not sure what he is doing. You probably thought, "wow, I can't see anything, zoom it lady!" Well, I did zoom the picture. This is the original picture. I took these while standing on my front porch.
The tree guy got down out of the tree that same night. Four of them went to jail. The trees got cut down.

Now, on to Oprah!
I saw her interviewed the other night by Piers Morgan. He did a very good job. I enjoyed what I saw. They spoke for a few minutes about marriage and Oprah not being married. She said she was happy about it. Marriage would not have worked for her. She told of a story where she was having meetings at her house the last few nights and when dinner time came she would get up, stop her meeting, go and fix Steadman dinner and then come back to the meeting. She liked doing that. She wanted to make dinner when she wanted to make it, not to have to make dinner.
I think Oprah missed one of the greatest lessons of being married! To do things, (be thoughtful) of the other person even when it is not convenient for you. To do "it" (that can be anything) even if you didn't really want to. Isn't that when we learn to be self-less? Part of the reason for us to be on this earth is to learn to be better people.
Any thoughts?

Well, speaking about doing something I didn't really want to do....
Griffin asked me to please help him make slime the other day. I forced myself up and we made it! It has been fun to touch and play with. I think everyone has had their hands on this gooey, weird stuff.

Ok, this picture should have gone before the other one; whatever.

Who recognizes Kylie's shirt?
Who owned it first?
Really, I don't know.
Ok, Now I am going out to clean out the pool.
I'll have a great time.

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Kathleen said...

Can you please email the recipe for your slime? It look like fun.