Saturday, January 8, 2011


Quinn suggested that I put up pictures of our playoff bracket papers....
so, his wish is my command!
Here are all the TEN papers:
(try clicking on the photo and zooming in...) Mom's then Quinn's then Kylie's

Steven's, Griffin's and Christopher's
Dad's and Zak's

Chase's then Heather's Enjoy!
The first game (Seahawks vs. Saints) was SHOCKING!
At least it was a very good game.
The 2nd game (Jets vs. Colts) SHOCKING also,
but quite boring.
We'll see what tomorrow brings!
Christopher & Griffin both picked the Jets to win!
And NICE for them, Dad and Christopher were the only ones that did NOT have the Saints Defense.


Christopher said...

It's 11 PM on Saturday night, and I only just realized that half my team is Patriots and they won't play till next week. I guess it's a good thing it isn't Sunday at 11 PM. Had I realized this earlier, I probably would have chosen the Saints defense too (I had Patriots defense).

Chase said...

I think Dad and I have identical brackets, and Zak and I only have 1 difference.

Quinn said...

we only went through wildcard weekend and 6 out of our 10 superbowl picks have lost