Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's Look Back....

We started this blog in September of 2007
Let's look back and see what we, (meaning I), posted on January 7th of our previous years....

January of 2010 (Only 2 posts for this entire month!)
They were both about FOOTBALL – Playoff picks

Jan 7 2009 – (24 posts this month)
We were getting our furnace fixed
S & C took a picture of Cosmetology school I went to 29 years ago!
Griffin could read a few words…and, the, like, my, can…
(Yesterday, Jan 2011 he was reading Little House in the big woods!
Yea for progress!)

Jan 7 2008 (12 this month)
We had FHE and broke a piƱata that Griffin, Kylie and I made;
it apparently caused great tears!
This was the month that I COMMANDED that all the children
have piano lessons, like it or not!
Zak was into football…shocking

So, what do we learn from all this:

  • I am a great wife/mother....always cooking and cleaning, for YEARS!
  • We are a family that enjoys Football!
  • HEY! Who will set up our Playoff Brackets....anyone?
  • Progress is good
  • We can come back from a NO when we want a YES
  • Taking piano lessons is a good thing!

OK, Now back to the Cleaning.

Oh, and On THIS day, January 7, 2011, Kerry called and asked me to lunch. So nice!

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