Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Talked to Chase!

Such news, such stories!

Apparently, he got a new roommate!

His favorite roommate moved out. He moved to another Centennial apartment. So Chase got a new roommate; the kind that actually lives in his room.

1. He is a gamer.
2. He loves playing all types of computer games.
3. He is about 24.
4. He has spent his time playing computer games.
5. He is going back to UVU this semester.
6. His classes start at 8:00am.
7. He takes the bus to school.
8. He wakes up at 4:00am...sometimes 5:00am.
9. He tunes on the lights at the awful hour.
10. Chase has requested that he please not turn on the lights.
11. When he comes home from school he puts his bathrobe on and starts playing games.
12. No one really knows where he comes from. He has given 3 different answers.
13. He snores.
14. Chase guesses that he does not wear deodorant; he needs to.

I told Chase to take notes and write a book. It could be a best seller!

Chase also joined a Water polo Inter tube Intramural team!

They have not played any games yet, they WERE going to play, but it got cancelled.

I am glad he is SO adventurous!

**The picture off the the side ------->
is NOT a real picture of Chase playing
water polo.

It was a delightful phone call. I just wanted to share it with you all!


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Heather said...

hmm, odd roommate. I do think that it is awesome though that he immediately changes into his bathrobe, haha. But good for him for taking the bus! I rode it in Provo before I purchase my car, and I LOVED the bus. It was always an adventure!