Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zak is the News

Zak is pretty much all the news of late!

On Saturday, he went to an "every one can come" track meet. He did a personal best pole vaulting record of 8' 6". He was very happy.

THEN, during the fixing of dinner, I asked Zak to please get the stuff out of the oven, hurry! The buzzer was going off. Zak, did, he quickly got the hot pan of baking chicken breasts out of the oven. He spilled a large amount of the HOT, chicken fat/grease on his arm! He held the hot pan for about 2 seconds, then dropped it on the floor, spilling the chicken and drippings all over.

I wish you could see it better, but Zak arm is VERY red and burnt. I have drawn a blue circle around the most visible red part in this picture.

He kept ice on it from when it happened until around midnight when he finally fell to sleep. It looks red and parts of it swollen today, but it does not hurt as much.

The next picture is of our fried rice that we had for dinner on Saturday night. I told Candice we were having that for dinner, she was shocked that fried rice was the whole meal. I told her it contained protein, vegetables and starch; what else do you need?

Quinn also played in a regional soccer game on Saturday; they lost.

Kylie played tennis and tried out for softball.

(The baking chicken breasts were for Sunday's lunch - Chicken Devon. It was VERY good.)

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