Friday, January 23, 2009

The Caramel Apple

Zak called, I had to race out the door to pick him up from school. Just as I was leaving Griffin told me he was hungry.
I suggested:
  • a banana
  • a pretzel
  • an apple

I had to go, if he needed help, I would help him when I came back home. He told me that he wanted a caramel apple! (What??) I told him we didn't have that - he went on to say he wanted the kind with the stick in it - I repeated we didn't have that. He suggested that he make his own. "How", I asked? He would just eat a whole Popsicle, use that stick to push into an apple. Sure, I thought; it would never happen. I told him to go ahead. Whatever we had in the fridge he was welcome to.

When I came home, he told me that he made his "caramel apple" but now he was done, where should he put it? I was shocked and impressed. (No caramel anywhere, just the apple on the stick.)

Oh, in case you were wondering, this was Zak's arm on Friday (I think). You can see where it was blistered.
In other news:
  • AHS finals start on Wednesday
  • Zak has 4 (four!) projects due for English (Sis. Swift) Those projects will get him an A. One for a D, 2 for a C, 3 for a B, 4 for an A. Good choice, Zak.
  • Raining in Southern CA
  • Chicken Stroganoff for dinner (recipe care of Mary Harmon)
  • I hope Christopher and Steven take some pictures of their skiing & post them
  • CHASE wrote a short e-mail! Check his site to see!
  • I am playing the piano for someone who is singing a special number for a Church meeting on Sunday night. She has neglected to tell me which song she chose. I guess she thinks I am that good. Let's all hope.

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