Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What, No Update??

Rewind and repeat....that is the name of the game here....nothing NEW to talk about!

We did have spaghetti on Monday night. I will use these pictures to tell the "What's Up"

Kylie: she started tennis lessons on Saturday! She enjoyed them. She has softball try-outs this Saturday. She is going to the San Gabriel Mission on Friday with school. Quinn: he is enjoying his All Star soccer team. He is also trying out for the Foothills Middle School soccer team. He is happily enjoying that fabulous 8th grade year with very little homework....except for last night when he stayed up till almost midnight!

Zak was the first to say, take my picture of all my spaghetti....yes, there is spaghetti under all that sauce. He is busy with track. He is not enjoying all of his homework. He doesn't' really like to talk about it, although he does do it!
Griffin! My little reader....he likes to play with friends most every day of the week. He is right now enjoying "Aloha Scooby Doo". I taught his class art on Tues. It was not fun. The lesson was way too complex, shockingly the class had to paint 150 pieces of paper for this lesson! It was more stressful for the adults than the kids.

Dad and I are putting one foot in front of the other, I have not taken a picture of that. I have not seen anything so exciting "out in the world" to take a picture of....of except I did see a gay couple in the grocery store! I did not think it appropriate of me to whip out my camera and capture their smooch.

Fantasy Football is winding down here, but the tension (for the big win) is growing. No one will talk much about football strategies, in fact Zak has almost stopped talking about football altogether! He doesn't want to give me any advantage! Oh, yea, I am in first place right now. Wish me luck!

Hmm, more adventures to come tomorrow, I'm sure.

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