Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes Dinner is NOT all that Great

Ok, at least I have made dinner.

Last night, I tried a new recipe - Potato Soup. Thought it would be so good. It was barely ok. In fact Quinn, Kylie, Griffin and I ate some soup - it didn't do it for us, so we dumped it and ate cereal. Zak does not really like cereal. He said he has to eat it in the morning, he would just keep going with the Potato Soup. (!) Dad came home and thought it fine....then ate cereal too.

Tonight it was Taco soup. I was excited to eat this; knew it would be great. It was a passable "6" for me. Everyone else liked it.

Zak had his Spanish final today. It was hard. Tomorrow is biology.
Griffin played with a friend.
Kylie had violin AND batting practice
Quinn is busy finishing homework.

I will enjoy Lost tonight.

hmm, I should have taken pictures of my meals.
There's always tomorrow....which just may be spaghetti!

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