Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I can't seem to put writing in, next to the correct picture.
Obviously, Dodger game pictures...Juan Pierre is the guy with the blue socks way up.
Jeff Kent is the Right-handed batter, Blake DeWitt is the left-handed batter. That is Kylie with the new Clearplay.


Emily said...
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Emily said...

oh really? well if you ever find a spot to place the line you should definitely think about drying them that way.
i get so much satisfaction from doing the laundry now! haha

oh well i will put that down on my list of books to read. thank you! i am reading the awakening right now and i like it so far. it is not too hard to understand. which is great.

ok so now blogger has a new page element for links to other blogs for your family and friends. if you go to layout and add a new page element you will see "bloglist" which is new. so that is what is new. and there will be choices once you set everything up as to how you want it to sort out.

i hope that helped!!

did chase tell you that we (my mom, dad, and i) ended up on the same flight as him going up to utah last thursday?!

hill mill said...

hello fellow bookworm!! what is daughter of the forest about?

Julie/mom said...

Daughter of the forest is a fabulous story about family, brother and sisters helping each other, loving each other. It is set in 1600? There is a witch and a curse and swans and many problems to solve. Once you start it is hard to stop.