Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Dollar Bob

Chase has come up with a name for our cat:

1 Dollar Bob!


Bob for short


the Bob could stand for:


We think it is funny.


Steven said...

Is there a story behind that name? I still prefer Kitty-Con-Carne.

Nana said...

I don't get why that name. I agree with Steven, but nobody asked me so if you want to call the cat 1 dollar Bob, it's OK with me. (I'd just call it "ugly".

Chase said...

well...i was talking about how the kitty con carne looks just like a bobcat with its bobcat ears and its large size. plus it always eats animals whole...for example, steven fed a cricket to it once and bob promptly ate the cricket whole. the cat has also been known to catch flies and eat them whole. so, i started called the cat bob, short for bobcat. then i saw the price is right and it reminded me of how everyone would say "1 dollar bob" when they were guessing the prices. so i said bob is not only short for bobcat but also 1 dollar bob

Zak said...

you forgot about the part where bob hunted and ate a lizard