Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day Three

What did we do today??

Dad: work

Mom: hung more sunblocking "curtain" over the hottest windows. It helped the house stay cool until around 4:00. Drove children to their various sporting activities. Made Chinese Chicken Salad for dinner with watermelon and french bread.

Steven: work, he ate lunch at The Hat today. He did not like it. He worked out with Josh at Arcadia High.

Zak: football and he opted out of his DUTY list!! He is in TROUBLE!

Quinn: He did do the cleaning of his assigned room, but he studiously did NOT do his piano!!

Kylie: did room and piano and played with Brianna and got the highest points in the game her softball team played during practice. She was sweaty.

Griffin: played with Vincent. Fell to sleep at 4:00, that is why I am blogging at 11:09pm.

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hill mill said...

Griffin and Vincent. Those have got to be the cutest names for two playmates!