Monday, October 4, 2010

So Far...

We had Seminary carpool this morning.
Z & Q did not wake up - but at the exact leaving moment; I woke up. I quickly found out my kids weren't going, but I still had to take my other charges.
Which I did.
It was pleasant enough; Ashley enjoyed my jokes.

The whole round trip takes about 25 minutes. When I got home Z & Q were ready and wanted to go to seminary late. Really; good choice. I took them.

Got back about 7:25; woke up K & G. Made them their usual french toast for breakfast. Took them to school. Went grocery shopping. I decided I wanted beef quesadillas for lunch; I had to get the "on sale" tri-tip in the crock pot so it would be ready for my yummy lunch. The nice meat guy got me a smaller piece of meat. I also got a whole chicken to cook for dinner. We'll have salad and cabbage, oh, and I had better get the frozen rolls out too!

I've got the kitchen cleaned; checked Facebook, other blogs. Now I've GOT to make myself clean my bedroom.

Do you want to come over for lunch? Let me know!

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