Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jiffy Lube Lady - DON'T Get Married !!

Kerry - don't even read this post; you won't like it....

I had to go to Jiffy Lube this morning to get my oil changed. I set my watch and shockingly, I was only there for 30 minutes! A few minutes after I walked in, another woman came in. She soon started talking to her mother on the phone. Now, I didn't hear everything; it's a small room we are sitting in, but I did hear plenty. I was guessing the woman was in her late 30's early 40's; she was pretty and having obvious problems with her 14 year old daughter. They had a terrible fight last night; bad yelling; cruel things said. Her husband does not support her in these arguments. I began to wonder if the daughter was his and not hers...hmm. No wonder there was trouble. I think there can be trouble with your own daughter; much less your step daughter. I heard her say that things were great when they did not have the kids; trouble every other weekend; blah blah blah. I thought...this marriage will never last. So much strife and stress; so hard on the kids. I am so glad it is them and not me. Then, as I am about to walk out, I hear her tell her mother, "I can't believe I am getting married in just 10 days! I am so excited! I can't believe it!"

WHAT!! Really, I needed to turn around and interrupt her conversation with her mother and tell her NOT TO GET MARRIED!! If they were already having trouble, frustration with kids; parenting; duties; who's picking up kids and dropping them off...wow; it will only get worse!! Oh My. I did nothing except walk out and be thankful for my own life. But, I did want to turn around several times on the way home and give my 5 cents worth. Her mother was doing her NO favors by not clarifying that whole deal with her daughter.

Now, on to Brett Favre....I am so disappointed in you! This is where following the rules keeps you safe and OUT of trouble! If you had just followed the rules with the Vikings; the vows you promised at marriage; I think you would be much happier. Rules are NOT confining; but liberating. Don't the rest of you feel liberated by your happy life unencumbered by Brett's problems?

I've just started a new book; I am really enjoying it. It is called Still Alice. It is the story of a brilliant Professor at Harvard. She is the mother of 3 grown children; she is 50 and she is going to discover she has early on set Alzheimer's. The writing is fabulous. Here's an example...the mother is having dinner with her daughter, Lydia. They have a strained relationship....

"She wished she could just reach across the table and hug her daughter, but there were too many dishes, glasses, and years of distance between them."

On to Griffin's most positive, happy disposition:

We had the missionaries over the other night. They asked us to write a list of all our blessings we get from having the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. The above is Griffin's list. Sweet and pure. Just in case you cannot decipher; it says:
1. Primary 2. Book of Mormon 3. the world 4. Doctrine and Covenants

I love it.

This morning Griffin also handed me a note in the car; it said:
"Dier Mom,
I love you very much.

Come on people! Didn't you LOVE Zak's photo shop pictures - ESPECIALLY the one of the cowboy's practice with Uncle Rico!! It is so funny! Not one comment! Feedback is always appreciated!

Did you know that Zak went to the Homecoming Dance? He did. Here is one picture of him; I didn't get any of him and his date.

The next morning I asked:
"How was the dance?"
Zak: "It was fun".
me: What! I need more than 3 words!!

Thank goodness I know how to ask lots of questions. I asked plenty and I think I know everything now. Thank you.


Ok - back to cleaning and laundry....oh and little sewing. I am hoping to finish my new purse today!

note: Dad is doing jury duty in LA today.

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