Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Dig in the Past!

This last summer Zak agreed to start digging a hole...and dig and dig.
We needed to fix our plumbing, so Zak said he would work on digging the hole. I really can't say how long it took, but I can show you how DEEP it was!
Zak is standing on his feet; not his toes. The hole was deep.
Notice the people walking by. He had many people that would stop and chat. It was a neighborly experience.
Now, Zak was not the only one who dug; he just dug the most and he is the only one that we took pictures of in the hole.

Zak has the camera. That is the view from the bottom.

This is Scott Luna. He came and did the major plumbing part. He cut that pipe there on the right.

Here are the cut pipes with the roots in them. The one on the left is PACKED with the roots; that is not just dirt, it is ROOTS!

The COMPLETED WORK! On the right is where Scott joined the new pipe to the old.

It is a lovely feeling to flush the toilet; take a shower, not worry that the "plumbing" will come back on us. Nice summer project!

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Sharron said...

It was this job that made us run to Idaho...=)

Posted by Scott Luna