Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photoshop by Zak

The first picture with me in it that looks real is actually photo-shopped. There are about 9 things changed, see if you can find them, the original picture is at the bottom. We had to make a shirt for Diversity week, so that's what that is. (the words are diversity week in other languages). My favorite is the funny picture with Uncle Rico in the back. The picture with a bunch of rams that I have up on our FF League page is something I made to.


Zak said...

Incase you didn't see all the changes on the pic with me in the black shirt they all are:
1. I removed the logo on my shirt
2. removed the white folder from the bottom left
3. changed one guys shirt from blue to red
4. changed one guys shirt from white to green
5. changed the fat'ish guys shirt from blue to red
6. added a group of people to the left of my head (they are the same people from the left side of the pic)
7. added a group of people to the right of my head
8. removed the big tower thing from the middle
9. added a goal post to the right side of the pic

Heather said...

Great job! Now you can spend hours editing your wedding photos! But first, you need to get married. Chop chop!

Sharron said...

If i send you several photos, can you make me look about 30lbs skinnier? (from scott, not sharron, she's pregnant not fat)