Thursday, April 29, 2010

Once Just a Stick

This plant was once a bare root plant sitting at Home Depot.
It is a Raspberry plant! I bought it a couple of months ago. It really was just a tiny stick. I am shocked that it looks like a real plant already! We'll see if we get any raspberries this summer.

Now that I've got your attention. I have downloaded 125 pictures from and about our 3 new graduates! would take me 3 days just to get them up on this blog. I will try to put them up somewhere else. Sadly, I think Picasa is full; I would have to make another account. I will see what I can do. They are GREAT pictures!


Heather said...

oooh! hopefully you get some raspberries! I absolutely love growing things...too bad everything I try and grow dies!

Christopher said...

Doesn't sound like a good omen for childbearing